Signs of Spring

If you’ve dropped by the Cascade recently, you can’t help but notice the profusion of yellow blooms. Spring is just around the corner, and things are looking really spectacular.


On Saturday, Barbara, Mark and I took on various projects – Barbara cleaned tools, Mark did some planting and I swept the stairs top to bottom.

We even tidied up and organized the tool box. We removed all of the tools as well as the debris of dirt and leaves which had accumulated at the bottom of the box. To our surprise, we came across a new dustpan that had somehow gotten lodged in the back. We re-stacked the tools, handles toward the back and heads at the front. This should help in quickly identifying which tools we want to use.

As always, we are diligent about removing any tagging. We have asked the city to remove the tagging on the one bench. If they do not show up this week, I will be purchasing some green paint and will do the job myself. Having the paint around will allow us to instantly remove unwanted tagging on the benches.

We have a new recruit – Mel! She will hopefully be joining us for March workday.

See you all then!

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