March Work Day

You couldn’t have asked for better weather or turnout from volunteers on our March work day. Barbara, Dang and I were joined by Laura, Tom, and Catalina and her husband Grant and son Leo. Our surprise guest was none other than David, who said he was there to “supervise”. After some inspection, he decided that we were doing a fine job and that the place never looked better.

Our new volunteer, Danny, showed up, asked what he could do and went to town sweeping the stairs. Thanks, Danny, and welcome! Hope you can join us again next month!

Quite a bit of weeding was accomplished near lower plaza, giving the plants some breathing room. Tools were cleaned, ivy was trimmed and Dang managed to hoist these heavy palm fronds up and out of the way of the north stairs.

The only thing distracting us from what should have been a therapeutic and relaxing morning was the incessant noise of a large workout class. Even when asked to keep the noise level down, they seemed determined to do what they pleased. Down right disrespectful to not only us but the neighbors in the surrounding buildings. We’ve been instructed by Oakland PD to call in and complain, and to call it a “disturbance”.

Rain in the forecast for Wednesday so do your little rain dance, friends!



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