When the Going Gets Tough

Leave it to our friends and faithful volunteers from Walmart.com to jump in and help with not only the routine cleanup but also the removal of tagging that has become an all-too-familiar sight at the Cascade. Headed up by Nate, the team included Brittney, Crystal, Phyllis and Sae. You guys rock!

In addition to the removal of the tagging (thanks Phyllis!), lots of sweeping and pruning took place, restoring the passageway to its once-again glory.

Thanks to Nate, the sloping ground next to the tool box is now a level, more stable area for the plastic bins.

Public Works was called to report the tagging, but Barbara and I were thinking perhaps we should keep a bucket of green paint around to repaint the benches when they are tagged. We are not sure what to use on the concrete or if that would damage it, so we are looking into that. The thought is to remove the tagging immediately, to hopefully deter more of it happening.

Moving forward, please alert Public Works if you see any tagging: 510-615-5566.





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