2003 April 27 Oakland Tribune
“Map Offers Foot-Friendly View of Oakland” [Republished on Oakland Parks and Recreation web site.]

2004 Spring Oakland Heritage Alliance News, vol. 24, no. 1, p. 6
“Preservation Action Committee news: Cleveland Cascade” by Joyce Roy

2004 May 2 Oakland Tribune, Local section, p. 1
“Volunteers uncover part of city’s history” by William Brand

2004 May 12 Oakland Tribune letter to editor
“Adding to cascade success” by Barbara Newcombe

2004 May 21 Montclarion, p. 1
“Volunteers dig up old cascade” by Bruce Gerstman

2004 June 18 Montclarion, p. 1
“Hangin’ with the get-in-shape crowd” by Bruce Gerstman

2004 August 15 San Francisco Chronicle, p. B1
“Chronicle Watch — Working for a better Bay Area: Help Wanted” by Suzanne Pullen

2004 August 22 Oakland Tribune
“Oakland stairway movin’ on up” by Annalee Allen

2004 September 12 San Francisco Chronicle, p. F1
“A daily dose of vitamin G: Oakland man has created a workout regimen you won’t find in a gym” by Joshunda Sanders

2004 October 22 San Francisco Chronicle, p. F10
“Oakland: Volunteers giving new life to long-buried fountain near Lake Merritt” by Suzanne Pullen

2005 February 8 Montclarion, p. A1
“Fountain’s renovation on agenda” by Eric Kurhi

2005 February 10 San Francisco Chronicle, p. B5
“$300,000 to fix man-made waterfall” by Jim Herron Zamora

2005 February 11 Montclarion
“Cash to go to backers of Cleveland Cascade” by Eric Kurhi

2005 February 12 Oakland Tribune, Local section, p. 1
“Getting fired up about fire hydrants” by Peggy Stinnett

2005 February The Lakeside Voice, vol. 4, no. 2, p. 2
“Walking Distance: Just Exactly Where is the Cleveland Cascade?” by Nadia Ilyin
[The Lakeside Voice is a publication for residents of The Regillus building at 200 Lakeside Drive, overlooking Lake Merritt.]

2005 March 14 Oakland Tribune Local section, p. 1
“Money pours in for Cleveland Cascade” by Laura Casey

2005 March 18 Oakland Tribune Local section, p 9
“Volunteers bring beauty to Oakland”, “Our Opinion” editorial

2006 November 16 San Francisco Chronicle
Experts, online voters give 25 historic sites $1 million in grants

2009 August 6 San Francisco Chronicle
Bellevue Avenue, Oakland

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