Fast and Furious

Dang was right — with enough volunteers, the monthly work day can be accomplished in just two hours! And so it was — we had things spic-and-span and sparkly-clean by 11 a.m.

Much thanks to loyal Tom, kind-hearted Betty and Ruben (Rotarians), father and son Anthony and Anthony Jr. (friends of Dang) and newbie Daniela who was an ever-flowing fountain of suggestions on how we can get the city and community more involved in our efforts. To quote Barbara, “That Daniela is going to be a treasure!” 

In addition to Saturday’s crew, a shout out is in order for the Walmartians (volunteers from, Phyllis and Jessica. They came out on Friday to help with some of the maintenance as well. Always a delight to have them around.

Two men from Keep Oakland Beautiful made a spontaneous appearance — Rob and Dwayne. They were delighted with our work, and said they would help promote us on their site. Dang is looking into that.

And so, fall approaches and the likelihood of El Nino. A good soaking we could use.  


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