It Takes a Village

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I joked with Dang today, as we cleared cuttings from the redwood tree at Lower Plaza, that it takes a village to clean and maintain a place like the Cascade. He chuckled and agreed.

Today’s “village” included me, Dang, Barbara, Tom, Mark, Catalina and friends from the Lakeshore Rotarians, Fred and Beverly. In just two hours, the eight of us knocked out quite a bit of work. So amazed at what all we can do in such a short amount of time.

Cutting back and pruning were mine and Dang’s main focus, and boy does it look good now! Every step was swept, weeds were pulled and dry beds were given a drink. Even the disruptive palm fronds at the Fish Pool level were hoisted back (thanks, Dang!); I was opting to lop them off. Despite our drought, everything seems to be coming along nicely.

See you all next month (or sooner – hint, hint)!

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