Near and Far

Our volunteer list just keeps growing, and it’s attracting eager workers near and far. For May’s work day, we were delighted to have Mary (Walnut Creek), Johnna and Donna (both from Oakland) join us.

Mary did a fine job of pruning the overgrowth along the north stairs while Johnna swept the sidewalk and landing near Merritt Ave. and the fish pool. Donna, who just moved here from New York, came through today, asked how she could be of help then volunteered her services for the next work day.

A lot was accomplished today:

  • Tom commandeered the sweeping on the south stairs and landings
  • Barbara cut back some of the geraniums on Lake Shore
  • Dang removed some of the overhanging palm fronds
  • I swept, pruned and removed some withered leaves in the beds

Everything looks really great despite the heat and drought; thank goodness for Mark’s help with getting the right plants in and situated so they do well.

Barbara and I will be meeting with city officials in June to discuss the selling of our t-shirts. Wish us luck as we get OK. The monies raised will come in handy (those brooms of ours are rather worn!)

And for those new tools, I believe a new tool box is will arrive soon. Stay tuned.


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