The Bellevue-Staten Building, at 492 Staten Avenue, as viewed from the top of the Cleveland Cascade.

In 1991, the Bellevue-Staten Building was added to the National Register of Historical Places. It received a Historic Preservation Award in 1999 from the Art Deco Society of California.

Architectural historian Mark Wilson wrote about the Bellevue-Staten:

Designed by H.C. Bauman, this well-planned blend of Spanish Colonial and Art Deco is by far the most elegant apartment house ever built in Oakland. Its fifteen floors are clothed in rich, warm-red brick; the abstracted Spanish Baroque decorative details are in poured concrete. Along the roof, chess-piece-like finials rise eight feet above the ramparts. The two-story-high lobby has a richly painted, plaster, coffered ceiling, and panels of squirrels eating acorns (symbolic of Oakland) decorate the bronze elevator doors. The original sales brochure described the Bellevue-Staten as the “the last word in ultra-modern Home-Apartment Construction.”

— Wilson, Mark A., A Living Legacy: Historic Architecture of the East Bay, Lexikos, 1987, page 247.